Te Hauora O Ngāti Rārua Ltd
Takiri mai ra ko te ata i te tonga.
Ka whariki mai te manu kua ao kua awatea
He ngākau aroha e kitea i roto inga to pito o te whare
Ngā uri whaka tupu ki te maunga teitei.
E rupu mai ana e ngā hua papai
He oranga mō te iwi māori

(Nā te Kuia nā Keupe Stafford Fairest)

Te Hauora O Ngāti Rārua Ltd (THONR) delivers free mobile health services to the Māori community of Marlborough, working collaboratively with other health providers to meet whānau health needs.   A by Māori for Māori health service committed to delivering quality care to whānau who choose to access our service.  
What We Do
Our Services
Te Hauora O Ngāti Rārua Ltd offers the following services to the Wairau Community:
  • Maara Oranga
  • Te Ara Mahana (Like Minds Like Mine)
  • Rongoā Māori
  • Whānau Ora Navigator
  • Te Ha O Ngā Rangatahi (Rangatahi Suicide Prevention Education)

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Our History

Te Hauora o Ngāti Rārua Ltd (THONR) was officially opened in 1996 and operates under the governance of Ngāti Rārua Iwi Trust. THONR was established following extensive consultation involving Māori/Iwi Health representatives from Ngāti Rārua Iwi Trust and other Health Provider Organisations that were committed to working to achieve Māori Health gains and whānau ora. As an organisational structure it would provide accountability for decision-making and ensure resources could be managed in the most efficient way possible. The Iwi Trust continue as the governing body for THONR.

THONR was set up to provide mobile Primary Health Care Services for Māori by Māori, and in 1997, MoH funded a Whānau Ora contract. Today, we are a Māori Health Provider representing a network of services and contracts. THONR applies the concepts of collaborative Health Care to Māori in the greater Marlborough region in direct response to the local needs of Māori.

Te Pūtahitanga o Te Waipounamu are pleased to announce Wave Seven is open today. This fund is aimed at investing in innovative whānau-centred ideas throughout the South Island. The fund supports whānau to become empowered to fulfill their dreams and put in place solutions to the big issues that challenge us. Please click the above image to find out more.
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